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Certified Organic Babywearing Fabric and Baby Slings: Colimacon & Cie Review and Giveaway!



C’est la meilleur! (It’s the best!)

When I first started making my own Do-It-Yourself baby ring slings and baby wraps, I bought fabric from the local fabric shop. While the fabric was ok to get me started, when I still had an itty bitty baby, it was actually not as cheap as I had intended, and was not very good once my baby started getting heavier.  The thought also crossed my mind several times that the fabric from the fabric shop was ‘made in China‘, so was probably not ethically sourced and could potentially contain chemicals and heavy metals from the processing practices! I wanted to find something of better quality that was still affordable, and this is when (insert angels singing) I found Colimacon & Cie!

Up close, you can see the awesome-ness!

Up close, you can see the awesome-ness!

Ethical and Sustainable
Colimacon and Cie (a lot of us call it C&C for short), is a company in France that makes REAL WOVEN babywearing fabric! It’s made from certified organic textiles and is dyed using eco-dying standards. The fabric and baby carriers meet and exceed the European standards for safety and also have the “Made in Respect” label, which basically means that the product has been made without screwing anyone or the environment!

How To Order C&C Ring Slings, Wraps, Mei Tai or Fabric
Ordering C&C fabric and baby slings is pretty easy, but you need to know what you want because there are so many options!

Depending on what you are ordering, the fabric and wraps come in the following solid colors: natural (which is great for dying), navy blue, lime green, turquoise, raspberry, chocolate, red, gray and orange. You can buy a pre-made ring sling, or baby wearing wrap (this means that the edges are already finished and if it’s a ring sling, the ring  are already installed for you). You can also buy fabric by the meter and do anything you want with it! Some people make structured carriers out of it (like baby backpacks). Or, you can even buy a pre-made mei tai carrier from their fabric (although this is made from an outside source).

Ring Slings: Ring slings are great because they’re a quick and easy way to carry a baby for short durations and they’re very easy to pack in a bag or your purse. If you want to order a pre-made ring sling, click here. I’ve made a few ring slings with C&C fabric. The fabric is really easy to work with and I’ve made a tutorial on how to make a baby ring sling here.

This is raspberry with my 3 year old in there! The blue dragonflies were screen printed on by hand and the fringe I did myself.

This is raspberry with my 3 year old in there! The blue dragonflies were screen printed on by hand and the fringe I did myself.

Baby Wraps: If you want to order a pre-made baby wrap, click here (edges are finished and it’s all ready to go), you can buy these wraps in the following sizes: 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m and 6m. If you’re confused about which length to buy… you should be! Haha, just kidding… The length you choose depends on what you want to do with your wrap. *Most* people new to babywrapping like to start with a wrap that is around 4.5m or 5m. I’m roughly a size 10 in Australia and a size 8 in America, and with a toddler, I find 4.5m is plenty for me. The wrap in the photo below is 4.5m and it’s the same one that I tie dyed purple. There is an instructional video on their website on how to choose your size… it’s in French, although you can still sort of figure it out. I had a natural coloured one and wore it to a wedding.

The bride requested we all wear white!

The bride requested we all wear white!

Linen/Cotton Wrap: C&C also makes a linen/cotton blend wrap! It’s a natural colour, 39% organic linen and 61% organic cotton. Generally, linen/cotton blends are best for heavier babies, but you can use them on newborns as well. It’s also believed that linen/cotton blends can be cooler than 100% cotton. You can order the linen/cotton  pre-made wrap here and in size 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m and 6m.

Summer Wrap: You can also buy a lightweight summer wrap that comes in turqoise and orange, in 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m and 6m.

Kid’s Doll Carriers
Colimacon & Cie sells organic doll carriers for kids too! Children LOVE wearing their dolls, especially if they are an older sibling!

Ordering Fabric by the Meter: You can do and make ANYTHING with your babywearing fabric! It’s organic, it’s soft and beautiful. People make all sorts of things, like bags, clothes, change mats, stuffed toys and all sorts of accessories. The natural colour is perfect for dying and doing just about anything with.  You choose your colour and length. Unless otherwise specified, the fabric you order is going to come with unfinished edges and will be 75cm, which is a fairly generous width for a baby wrap. If you specify, you can request the fabric to come 150cm wide.

Turquoise with a fringe that I did myself.

Turquoise with a fringe that I did myself. Usually, 2m is good for a ring sling.

Natural is Perfect for Dying!
While the fabrics all come in solid colours, you are certainly not limited to a single colour! I had the natural and tie dyed it. Although, I used some dye that would probably not render my baby carrier ‘organic’ anymore, the dying process is safe and color-fast (meaning, it won’t come off on you or your baby). Although I haven’t used them, Colimacon & Cie actually sells natural dyes, made from plant based sources. I highly recommend dying a wrap! It’s fun and makes your wrap special and unique to you! Here is the purple dye job hanging out to dry.

Tie dyed 4.5m of natural! It took so long to do all the tying up!

Tie dyed 4.5m of natural! It took so long to do all the tying up!

What About When My ‘Babywearing Days’ Are Over?
Even if you wear your child until they are much older, there will come a day when you won’t be wearing your child anymore. But, you can still keep and use a baby wrap or sling! Many people turn their baby carriers into mementos, like quilts, clothes, bags, and other special keepsakes.

There are too many ways to use Colimacon & Cie fabric to mention in one blog post! I’m sure people have made some pretty amazing carriers from their fabric. Keep on eye out for their sales! Sometimes you can buy their fabric by the meter for a huge bargain! If you have any photos of any, please share away, I would love to add them to this post! Here’s another one that I tie dyed and sent to a friend who lives in Germany.

More tie dying...

More tie dying…





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