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From That Very First Day: Birth

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Today, a friend of mine welcomed twin baby boys to the world. Wow, so amazing, I mean, what even is ‘birth?!‘ Oh, I don’t even know… it’s just a miracle, that’s what. The few days before birth, the birth itself and then the few days after. It’s such a precious place in time and space, and it only happens once a lifetime.

As I was laying in bed tonight, putting my own little munchkins to sleep, I started thinking about those fresh little souls who were born today. What sort of moments will their days be filled with? What will they look like one day? Where in the world did they come from and where will they go? How many ups and downs will be in their lives? How much love or how much frustration will they experience? How many days will they be here? It is all starting TODAY for them. It’s funny, I never really had these thoughts when my own girls were born, maybe because when you’re directly involved with the birth, you’re so in the present moment that there’s no time for those deep and meaningful reflections! But, for some reason, these two have had me thinking.

The first few days in a person’s life are a transition period between two worlds. You can see it in the eyes. They’re here, but they’re not. If you believe in past lives, I’ve heard that for the first few days, babies are still remembering their past life. I could see that with my own girls. They totally had that old soul look in their eyes. That look, like, “Oh yeah… this again.” Where did they come from… where will they go?! Mind boggling and totally noodle baking, I know!

Birth is a reminder of life. Birth is a reminder to the ones who were born a while ago, that we should wake up and start living again! Birth is a reminder to celebrate life and a reminder that we only have precious time to spend on this planet. How long will we be here? Who knows… Birth is a reminder that we shouldn’t waste our time in getting caught up in the world. We certainly won’t be here forever… so how will spend our minutes, days and years? I can only hope that we will spend our days deeply in love, gratitude and wonder. Birth is amazing! Welcome to the world baby boys!


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