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When the World Feels As One

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I’ve never actually prayed for somebody’s soul before. I’m not religious, so don’t ask me what praying for somebody’s soul even means. But for some reason, last night, at one in the morning, I sat straight up in bed and did just that. It was pretty weird. While I did love Robin Williams, and he was, like, the funniest, most creative actor ever, I certainly was never obsessed with him or thought of him too often. But, last night, for whatever reason, my heart was aching over his death. Someone I’ve never even met. I mean, yes, I must have watched Aladdin eighteen million times when I was a kid, and yes, I secretly/not-so-secretly think The World According to Garp is one of my all time favorite movies. But still, why was I thinking about Robin Williams at one in the morning?

I mean, I don’t even have a TV, and other than the occasional Facebook post, I’ve not really read much about the events surrounding his death. Yet, it’s been heavily on my mind and been making me feel so sad the past few days. So why?

Is it really me who can’t stop thinking about Robing Williams, or is it also the millions of other people who also can’t stop thinking about him?

In May 2008, I was in a big convention center in Washington DC. I was down in the very basement level of the building, in a toilet cubicle. I’m not one to get overly claustrophobic, but all of a sudden, I had this panic moment. I thought, “Oh my God, what if this building collapses and I get trapped! Nobody would ever find me and I would stay here for days until I died all alone in the dark!” I rushed out of there as fast as I could, went up to the ground level and actually had to stand outside to take a few breathes of fresh air. It was bizarre. Later that day, I learned that there had been a massive earthquake in China that had left approximately 70,000 people dead and hundreds of thousands injured.

So, how did I, all the way on the other side of the world, have the exact thoughts that millions of Chinese were feeling at that exact same moment? I don’t know… isn’t it crazy and amazing? However you want to look at it, spiritually or scientifically, we’re all connected. We’re all in on this together.

Collective consciousness is a very powerful force to reckon with. All sorts of things can affect us. Other people’s thoughts, natural disasters, wars on the other side of the planet, the sun, the moon, the weather, the freaking planetary alignment… we’re all a part of a living, breathing togetherness. I mean, think about it. How many times have you just ‘happened‘ to be thinking about somebody and then they end up calling you? We’re not just individual people living on our own island of reality, other people’s thoughts and actions affect us!

The more grounded you are in love/spirituality/knowledge, the less these outside influences will negatively impact you. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel them! The past few days, I keep feeling this sort of lump in my throat… I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, and then I would remember, “Ah, Robin Williams died… so many millions of people are so sad right now and I’m feeling their sadness too.”

So, if tragic events can impact the world, then so can positive ones. Keeping myself happy, being there for others, taking care of the planet and reaching out to others… that stuff is so important to me because I know that it’s not just all for me. Sharing your own happiness is more powerful than you can imagine. What if we all were like a flame to help light the way for people who are living in darkness? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Tomorrow, I’m traveling to Brisbane to participate in a ‘Yogathon‘. We’re supposed to be doing 108 sun salutations, and of course, I’m totally not prepared. I haven’t even done more than ten in a row in like six years. But, oh well. I’ll be getting together with a bunch of people for a peaceful cause to raise money for charity. Forty-six other cities around the world will be participating in order to raise money for Care for Children. Wish me luck, I’ll probably be sore for a week, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Rest easy Mr. Williams… you will be missed. Xxx

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