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Life’s Either a Problem or an Adventure

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It was quite an effort to get everyone out of the house this morning by 7:30am. Double check to make sure we had water bottles, spare clothes in case the kids wrecked the ones they had on. Has everyone gone to the toilet? Check. Has everyone eaten breakfast? Check. Does everyone have clothes on that are covering their private parts? Check. Let’s go. We were on our way to the Yogathon (like a marathon of yoga), an event to raise money for charity.

I dropped my husband off at work and finished the rest of the hour and a half drive to Brisbane, on my own, with the kids. Right as I pulled into the parking garage, I saw that I had missed a phone call. Parked the car. Called the person back… and… he told me that the event had been postponed for the day, due to the rain. Grrrrr… I had just assumed the the event was on wind, rain or shine. After all, the weather forcast only said 40% chance of rain, and if you live on the southeast coast of Queensland, you may know that 40% chance of rains means diddly squat!

So, here I was sitting in the car with two kids who were writhing and wriggling in their car seats, just dying to be set free from the restraint they had been in for the past hour and a half. I had already paid the $10 for parking… So, I really had no choice, I had to go do something. I had come fully prepared with rain jackets, gumboots, etc. I rugged us all up in our gear, strapped the little one onto my back in the trusty Ergo that we keep in the back of the car and set out on an adventure. It wasn’t the adventure I had intended to set out on at 7:30 in the morning, but it was an adventure, all the same.

We walked across a big bridge that crosses the Brisbane River and Margo screamed in delight every time a bus came flying by, soaking us with spray. I screamed in mock horror too and tried to forget the fact that my socks were now soaking wet. Why do I always pack the kids waterproof stuff and not my own!? Then, we went to the museum and looked at old paintings and Margo asked me if the people in the paintings had all died. Yes…  Sabinewomen

Then, we visited the museum ‘mice’ in their special hole in the wall. Actually, we had to walk past them twice.


Then, we went to the Gallery of Modern Art and did some of the kid’s activities. Pattern bandits was the theme.


Dizzy psychedelic.


And then, we sat down in a comfy chair and read a book.


We walked back over the bridge, got soaked by buses again, ate at a vegetarian restaurant and then later caught up with a friend who has 2 month old twins. On the way home, got another call from a friend (I sounds like a have a million friends, I assure you, it was a coincidence that I saw more than one friend on a single day) and went over to her place to chat and let the kids run amuck. I finally got home at 5:30pm. Ten hours after I set out and not having planned ANYTHING we had done that day (other than the long car trip).

Now, I’ve certainly learned my lesson. Next time I go to an outdoor event and the weather is ‘iffy’ I’ll make sure that the event is on BEFORE I step foot out of the house. But, I mean, really, my options were to sit in the car and complain that I had driven up to Brisbane for nothing… OR… make the best of my situation and have a little bit of fun. I chose the latter. There’s no way a little bit of rain and a cancelled event will be enough to ruin my day, thank you very much!

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