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What I Learned About Expectations After Traveling With My Kids for a Week

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We took a last minute week-long trip to Sydney and we had a blast. But, the trip wasn’t what I thought it would be like. The ‘getting there‘ part was not just most of the fun, it was practically ALL of the fun. I’ve traveled with my kids before, but this was our first, sort of fun holiday, that included planes, trains, buses and tourist attractions. Usually when we go somewhere, we have an agenda, but not this time.

Our plane was delayed… that didn’t bother them too much, they kept watching the planes and asking which one was ours (they asked at least 800 times).

What was really funny/not funny was that the few things I had planned out and paid a lot of money for, like our trip to the aquarium…

Was not nearly as fun or as memorable for them, as it was to insert their tickets at the gate of the train. (Train rides are cheaper than the aquarium, trust me)

And, every time I tried to take a cool touristy photo, this sort of crap would happen. I mean look at us! Is Margo picking her nose?! I know that the little one was trying to push her big sister away, because she didn’t want to pose for the photo… and where am I looking?! And why does my hair look so bad!


But, waiting for the train was fun.


They had never seen deciduous leaves before because we live somewhere sub tropical. They spent HALF AN HOUR playing with wet leaves in this reflection pool outside of the ANZAC monument, not caring much about the monument itself.


(By the way, babywearing in the big city saved the day folks.)


We went to visit friends in the suburbs. The kids weren’t fussed by the fact that we spent half a-stressful-hour figuring out how to buy our bus ticket, but they were hooting and hollering for more, more, more every time the crazy bus driver put the pedal to the metal.


One day, I was too tired to do anything, so we walked to the only freaking playground in Sydney, and Margo climbed so high up this spider web thing and I had to rescue her. I was terrified! She just needed a little help to get down. She’s been telling everyone all week about her adventure on that thing…


But, she hasn’t been talking too much about the creepy museum I paid to take them to. Although she did think the bones were sort of cool.


Rain? They didn’t care. We spent $10 dollars and hopped on a ferry they had a blast!


The ferries were the biggest hit of all. We rode them a few times. Cheap entertainment, if you ask me. Cheaper than the Taronga zoo, which we didn’t go to.


We got lost on the way to the playground and stumbled across these Chinese gardens. Entry was $6. They LOVED this place!


But, when we planned our trip to Luna Park, the little one was scared of the clowns and they were both disappointed because they wanted to go on all these rides, but we said “No”, because the lines were too long and everything was expensive.


Wheeling around their suitcases though… now that was a blast!


Margo’s favourite thing of all was when we found this chess board in Hyde Park and one rainy morning, she finally got to play because nobody else was there. And, the best part of all was setting the pieces back up after she beat her dad.



And, radom street performers in the park, well, they loved that. We chucked a few gold coins in that the guy’s hat and we played there for half an hour.



One thing I learned from our trip, is that you don’t need to spend lots of money on kids when you take a trip, cause they’re gonna have fun doing the stuff you wouldn’t think they would have fun doing. Just walking around somewhere new and different, is fun enough. You can do the payed stuff, but don’t expect that they will love it, because they might not! You might pay the big bucks and then get upset because you think they should be enjoying it. Our week was so spontaneous and fun. After I caught on the fact that ‘doing something‘ was actually just roaming around, and that I didn’t have to be spending a lot of money, we started having the most fun of all. I also had fun taking their lead, because doing what they wanted to do was experiencing the city in a new way.

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