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To the Little Daydreamers…


I call her my Little Miss Sunshine. She wakes up next to me with a smile every day. She’s four.

She’s sitting near me while I type, completely absorbed in her imaginary play. After she’s been fed, gone to the toilet, had her dose of cuddles, she just skips off, humming a little tune and finds her things to play with. If it was up to her, she could putz around the house for hours, 100% content to play with her dolls, creatures, you name it. All she needs to know is that I’m somewhere around the house, should she need me. She sits there, chit chatting to herself, in the sunshine. Daydreaming about the day we can live on a farm with 300 animals that she wants to take care of. 

That cockroach that we saw dying this morning? “Oh mama, it was so cute… why did it have to die?!

The look on her face when I explained to her that the sushi passing us on the sushi train was indeed made from a dead fish. She started to cry… (She’s vegetarian)

I dropped her big sister off at a friend’s house this morning. If the big kid had been around, our morning together would be so different. The big kid would have have overpowered the daydreaming with a barrage of demands, questions and requests: “When can we ‘dooooooooo’ something, I’m bored, I’m this, I’m that. Mama, can I do X,Y,Z…” Not that I love either kid more than the other, but I have to say, watching my little daydreaming, absorbed in her own imagination, is really quite a beautiful site.

When we walk, she’s never on a mission to get somewhere or do something. She’s more interesting in pointing out the leaves, the flowers, sticks, stones, shells. She picks them up and hands them to me as a little gifts. She could spend all day walking from point A to point B, observing tiny things in nature. I have a collection in my house of all the items she’s given to me to ‘hold on to please‘. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to walk along so leisurely, but whenever I can manage it, I let her amble along in her own little world.

She’s not concerned with the dramas of the world. She enjoys watching the world, not always participating yet… Sometimes it seems like she’s not paying attention, but I promise you, she’s hearing every word! Although, she’s slowing coming out of her bubble. She’s not concerned with socialising too much (although she does enjoy playing with other kids). She’s more interested in having big cuddles with mama and daddy. She takes hold of my face and says, “Oh mama, I will never let go of your face!

Don’t be confused, dreamers are not always easy going. Like, she is easy going… until she’s not. Then the whole world hears about it! This kid can also scream like a banshee and drive us insane, no doubt! But, she has that little daydreamer tendency that I just find so enchanting to watch. Dream away all the little dreamers out there!

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