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American living in Australia, Pretending to be Bilingual

At our favourite wildlife sanctuarly... or shall I say 'favorite'?

Kissing a kangaroo…. At our favourite wildlife sanctuarly… or shall I say ‘favorite’?

Since moving to Australia, I have gotten a job at a high school teaching students. Prior to getting the job, one of my Australian friends was able to tell me about the working with childrens check that teachers have to do to ensure they’re safe to look after children and young adults. I was able to get the job, and now I’m enjoying being a teacher at a lovely school. The initial moving stage was interesting, I can’t lie.

After bringing my belongings half way across the world, I did find that a lot of my things ended up being damaged or scuffed. I spent a while looking for skip bins for hire sydney way to dispose of it all so I could start again. That’s another story though. Now I’m here and settled and truly loving my job. I know, people generally consider getting their vehicles transported along with them while moving so that every day commuting becomes easy. But since mine was too long a distance to cover, I wasn’t quite sure of it as, what if the bike gets damaged! However, had it been a move within America or within Australia, I too would have got my ride along, maybe by contacting a bike transport australia.

However, my biggest Aussie language blunder EVER… Do you want to know it? Read the rest of this entry

Halloween Upside Down: An American in Australia

Halloween in Australia

The Halloween display at the grocery store… desperately trying to lure in the weary Australian consumers…

It was only hard the first few years… Read the rest of this entry