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Top Ten Reason to Wear Your Baby or Child

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Little papoose!

Little papoose!

We took a trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane this morning and we actually took our stroller with us! Read the rest of this entry

Rain Rain, It’s Ok to Play

Today was a complete washout and the whole Gold Coast is getting nailed by the remnants of a cyclone… But yesterday, and any other day when the wind isn’t raging and it’s only raining, I always like to take the kids out and play in the rain! Of course, we’re lucky to live here on the Gold Coast because getting wet from rain does not usually associate itself with getting hypothermia (a genuine concern if you come from where we do in America). Read the rest of this entry

Getting Caught with Your Pants Down… In the Rain

Refuge from the rain!

Refuge from the rain!

Why does it always happen right as we’re crossing the street at the pedestrian cross walks?  All the cars are stopped and we’re walking and Margo drops her doll, or trips, or her shoe falls off, or I drop Goldie’s hat.  Talk about performance anxiety!  Well, today’s cross walk conundrum took the cake! Read the rest of this entry