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Why My Baby Doesn’t Crap in Her Pants

Sisters who pee together, stay together.

Sisters who sit on the potty together, stay together.

When I was pregnant with my older daughter, some four years ago, just about every prospect of becoming a parent sounded appealing to me.  Every prospect, except one… I absolutely could not get my head around, the fact that I could be changing diapers for at least the next two, three and possibly four years.  It just didn’t make sense to me.  Was there a more natural way?  What did the cave woman do when their babies had to poo and pee?  Did they just crap all over the cave? Read the rest of this entry

A First World Reality Check Today: When My Washing Machine Broke

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Back to my roots???

Back to my roots???

You know when you load the washing machine up so much and you think, ‘Oh, I really shouldn’t put so much in… but maybe I can just squeeze one more thing…‘. That was me today, and today was the day that our washing machine crapped itself (well, it didn’t, luckily, but I thought it did, more on that later). I think that every single last cloth diaper was dirty, and that was the reason for my enormous load. It was really dumb of me to load it up so much, and I even mentioned to Art in passing that I was being really brave to fill the washing machine up so high. Because… a few days ago, it had been acting funny. I threw a load in early in the morning, went out for three or four hours and when I came home, the machine was still spinning… ‘That’s odd‘, I thought… ‘The machine has been stuck on the spin cycle for hours!’. I manually turned the nob to OFF, and put my very spun (nearly dry) cloth diapers in the dryer. Read the rest of this entry

Elimination Communication: Holding Power and Indignation

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Nom nom nom, surfboards taste good!

Nom nom nom, surfboards taste so good!

Potty talk never gets old… We’ve been having lots of EC fun over the past few weeks 🙂

Holding Power

I’m not sure when you stop calling it Elimination Communication (EC) or when it’s just a kid who has been potty trained… But, anyway, Margo has been out of diapers, day and night, since she was 14 months old, and I’ve been doing EC with her practically from day one.   Read the rest of this entry

Elimination Communication… A ‘Solid’ Routine

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Saving all potty photos for future boyfriends.

Saving all potty photos for future boyfriends.

Goldie started hard on solids.  I mean hard!  She just can’t get enough food!  I’m so glad that I’m doing baby led weaning, because she really demands to eat what we’re eating.   Read the rest of this entry

Crazy Wind… the Practical Side

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Laundry Drying

Australia is the only place I know of where clothes dry on the line even when it’s drizzling.

The last post of me whining about the wind making everything all crazy… I also love windy days because I have a gigantic mountain of dirty laundry every day.  I also get some strange satisfaction when I see all Goldie’s cloth nappies hanging out to dry over my container garden.

Toilet Paper is Totally Overrated!

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I spray my butt clean instead of wipe with toilet paper. Yes, oh yes I do.

I remember watching a talk show when I was a kid and a celebrity was asked what she felt was the best invention to modern man.

She stated, ‘Toilet paper! What did we do before TOILET PAPER?‘.

Let’s think about this one… cut down a tree and wipe your butt with it? Gross! Read the rest of this entry