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The Magic of Not Giving Kids Chores

Think about how you motivate yourself to do chores. Once you buy a quality vacuum from somewhere such as, you don’t need any special motivation to vacuum the floor, you just do it. Do you give yourself a sticker for making your bed? Or, give yourself a chocolate for folding the laundry? Come on… NO!

Most of us need to be intrinsically motivated to get the job done.

Assigning chores, becomes a chore in itself!

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I Only Clean Up When The Kids Are Awake

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CleanUp2When my firstborn was a baby, I used to anxiously wait until she was asleep, then I would whisk through the house and clean up. When she woke up, I would be all eyes on her, sitting and playing and taking care of her until at last, she would fall asleep again. Repeat.

But, that got old fast. Real fast. I started getting resentful to the fact that I never had enough time for myself and it was so incredibly tiring trying to entertain a baby for hours on end. So, I changed all that fast and started taking her with me to get everything done.

Now, my kids are 3 and 5 1/2, and unless it’s an accident, I almost never clean when they’re asleep. Read the rest of this entry