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Why This School Teacher Thinks Tests Are Really Stupid


Please tell me of one single job on this entire planet where you would have to recall facts all by yourself, without talking to anyone, without LOOKING at anyone, without the help of resources and without the help of the internet or technology.

That’s right.

There are no such jobs.

Well, if there are, there’s not many. Yet, we make kids sit silently at their desks so they can ‘recall‘ information. How far from reality is that? I’m sure the kids would agree too. They have to remember content and skills in order to get good grades. For some kids, that’s not possible, giving them bad grades that they have for the rest of their lives. Maybe changes are needed in schools. Perhaps schools should conduct surveys to see how students feel about this. By using survey software from Qualtrics, schools could design surveys and distribute them to see what other people think. Maybe that’s one way to start making changes.
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