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What’s With the Plastic Bag Shirt?

ArtBaltrotskyImage 2012-12-22 (1)

Why is she wearing a plastic bag?’, the girl working at the gelato place asked about Margo.  I started to tell her and then I just said, ‘It’s a long story…‘. Read the rest of this entry

You Can Only Go Up From Here! Elimination Communication: a Better Day

elimination communication

Margo always says, ‘I want to eat Goldie up’!

Yesterday marked my all time low of elimination communication with a baby.  I did catch a few poos, but for the most part, either I was just out of my rhythm, or Goldie was just being Miss Super Grumpy Pants and didn’t want anything to do with being held over a bucket.   Read the rest of this entry

Elimination Communication Grande Fail

Elimination Communication

Mom… get this crap outta my diaper, please!

It wasn’t an All-Time-Epic-Elimination Communication Fail, only because it wasn’t a blow-out, but it was a pretty good one nonetheless. Margo had been asking me for weeks to take her to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I was finally feeling sort of up for it this afternoon. Read the rest of this entry