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Change of Real Estate: Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication

Yes! Those are our toothbrushes in the corner! Ewww… Don’t worry, they’re very much out of the line of fire!

Following yesterday’s post on vaccinations… phew… had a lot of really awesome responses, hope I didn’t get anyone’s undies up in a bunch!  Today, I’ll just talk about the usual: baby poo adventures.  Just what all the American’s want to read about while they’re digesting their Thanksgiving Dinners 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving by the way! Read the rest of this entry

One of Those Days: I’m Eating All the Chocolate and NOT Doing the Dishes!

Tandem Baby Wearing

Tandem Baby Wearing, it wasn’t even for fun, it was just one of those days.

I don’t know why today was so crazy.  I have a suspicion that it was because Margo was on her last day of antibiotics.  Her guts are now completely messed up.   Read the rest of this entry

You Can Only Go Up From Here! Elimination Communication: a Better Day

elimination communication

Margo always says, ‘I want to eat Goldie up’!

Yesterday marked my all time low of elimination communication with a baby.  I did catch a few poos, but for the most part, either I was just out of my rhythm, or Goldie was just being Miss Super Grumpy Pants and didn’t want anything to do with being held over a bucket.   Read the rest of this entry

Elimination Communication Grande Fail

Elimination Communication

Mom… get this crap outta my diaper, please!

It wasn’t an All-Time-Epic-Elimination Communication Fail, only because it wasn’t a blow-out, but it was a pretty good one nonetheless. Margo had been asking me for weeks to take her to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I was finally feeling sort of up for it this afternoon. Read the rest of this entry