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Elimination Communication on the Fly: Do or Cry

Elimination Communication photoExcuse me, can I use your sink?

Today, I realized that practicing elimination communication (EC) has become deeply engrained in my parental consciousness.  Responding to my little ones when they have to ‘go’ doesn’t require any thought, guessing or mystery.  To most mothers, taking a baby to eliminate, especially a newborn, seems absurd!  Who has the time?  Why would you bother?   Read the rest of this entry

Elimination Communication with a Newbie Newborn and a Toddler: ‘Mom, Baby Has to Go!’

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Margo is the cheerleader: ‘Baby did a poo!!!’

I started Margo on Elimination Communication (EC) when she was 11 days old.  I was so scared the first time I took her!  Can you believe I was scared to see if my baby would do a poo or wee in a bucket.  I think being a new mom, I was even scared just to hold her!  Scared to let her cry for a second or two, etc.  Also, scared that this cool EC thing I had heard about would never work for me.  Like EC would be rocket science and I would be left changing her diapers until she was 4…   Read the rest of this entry