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Gently Dealing with My Daughter’s Crazy Irrational Fears

Big Kid. Scared of Wind.

Big Kid. Scared of Wind. Little One, Oblivious and Having Fun

Dealing with a child’s irrational fears is sort of like going through spiritual bootcamp. As you go through it, you’ve found that you’ve experienced, denial, anger, frustration, compassion, patience, acceptance and, in the end, unconditional love. Today, my 3 1/2 year old daughter touched a dog Yes, TOUCHED a dog, as in willingly went up to it and pet it. A year ago, if she had even saw a dog, from a mile away, she would have climbed up me like I was a tree and then leaped into my arms. Read the rest of this entry

Swaddled in Cotton Wool or Free Range? Stimulation in Children and Babies

Safety First! My over-cautious two year old.

Most people would agree to keep a newborn stowed away in those first few weeks and they would say it’s because of their immune system being weak. It also gives the new parents time to get acquainted with things like child safety for window coverings. While this may be true, how about the stimulation a newborn gets from being out in the big bad world!

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