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You May Never Want to Bake a Kid’s Birthday Cake Again!

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*Amateur fruit carver alert
When I first cut the giant piece of watermelon that you see in the photo, it was all lopsided and squirting juice everywhere. I was cracking up thinking how I would be taking a photo of it and making one of those ‘Pinterest Fail’ memes. But, then I started carving away and shaping it up and I started to see some hope. After I made it mostly symmetrical, I added some other fruit, totally making it up as I went along, gaining more hope by the minute that this might actually come out ok. In less than ten minutes, I had made this silly little fruit castle cake with turrets. And, do you know what?! The kids loved it! Like, their eyes popped out of their heads when they saw it and were asking me permission to eat some. When it was time for the ‘real‘ birthday cake that I made (the healthy vegan time consuming one), they mostly passed their noses up at it! Really!!! Ok, so make a fruit cake! It’s fast, healthy and the kids LOVE it!

I used skewers for the turrets and you could use toothpicks too