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Drawing the Line: What Do You Consider Natural Childbirth

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Natural? About ten hours before Margo was born.

Since Margo is about to turn three, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about her birth. Margo was born in a hospital setting and her birth was considered a ‘natural childbirth’. Spontaneous labour, (meaning that I had not been induced), no drugs, and we had a beautiful water birth. I labored for 36 hours total and 18 of those hours were fully established. It was, as I say, a marathon labor. Read the rest of this entry

Private Midwives: Not the Kind with Hairy Armpits Birthing Babies Under the Trees

Private Midwife homebirth

Eye check, little Goldie

Ok, well, I don’t know if our midwife, Maria has hairy armpits or not… In fact, I have nothing against hairy armpits at all, sometimes, mine get a bit ‘fuzzy’ as Margo likes to say! And, nothing wrong with birthing under the trees… What?! Ok, enough about hair and trees, I just needed a catchy title!

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A Visit to the Maternity War (I Mean Ward), After a Homebirth

The Hearing Test (and a really funny face)

Goldie was born peacefully at home and the thought of going to the hospital seemed more of a hassle than anything. But, our midwife, Maria, of Gold Coast Midwifery Practice, recommended that we take her there for a hearing screening. I know that Goldie can hear, she startles at loud noises and looks in the direction of my voice, but the school teacher in me knows that even a slight hearing deficiency is important to catch early, if you can. Read the rest of this entry