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What If We Stopped Calling it the ‘Pain of Childbirth’


I bumped into an acquaintance of mine who is attending medical school. Although I hadn’t seen him in some six months or so, and I don’t know him all that well, he started talking to me about how great epidurals were because they made the ‘pain of childbirth‘ bearable. It was a bit awkward going from “Hi, How are you?” to talking about something that happens primarily from between your legs, but anyway… Read the rest of this entry

A Visit to the Maternity War (I Mean Ward), After a Homebirth

The Hearing Test (and a really funny face)

Goldie was born peacefully at home and the thought of going to the hospital seemed more of a hassle than anything. But, our midwife, Maria, of Gold Coast Midwifery Practice, recommended that we take her there for a hearing screening. I know that Goldie can hear, she startles at loud noises and looks in the direction of my voice, but the school teacher in me knows that even a slight hearing deficiency is important to catch early, if you can. If needed, perhaps, I might have gone to the extent of reviewing hearing aids (check out also. Read the rest of this entry

You Can Bet, I Blushed a Bit

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Oh! Is that a baby in there!

We were at our weekly market this morning, the one at Palm Beach Currumbin High School, the one that I can’t live without.  Now, this was Goldie’s second week at the market.  When I took her last week, I was assaulted by everyone that I know.  Some people were just so happy (and surprised because she was early) to see the baby.  While, other people were looking rather upset that I had a one week old baby at the market.  Well… sorry, I needed to buy some food, breastfeeding two, I get a bit hungry these days! Read the rest of this entry