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How To Do Elimination Communication With Your Baby

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When I was pregnant with my first child, one of my biggest hesitations about becoming a new parent, was the thought of changing countless dirty diapers and of toilet training. I often wondered if there was a more natural process. I wondered what ancient people would have done! Luckily, just a few weeks before my daughter was born, a lady told me about elimination communication (EC). A lightbulb went off after our brief conversation and I knew that elimination communication was something that I wanted to try. I’ve practiced EC with both of my children and they were both and toilet trained, day and night, right around the time they started to walk. Read the rest of this entry

Should You Give a Crap About Early Toilet Training?

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Let’s face it, babies and toddlers aren’t stupid. They figure out how to walk, talk, eat, climb, and do everything else. Surely… they can figure out toilet training at a relatively young age if we encourage them? It’s only natural that they would want to stop pooing and peeing on themselves. I recently read an article about a woman who was against putting in any extra effort to toilet train her children and only let her kids toilet train when they were practically begging her. I just about gagged. Read the rest of this entry

Undies and Pulling Up, Oh My! Elimination Communication and 8 1/2 months

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Big sis's undies

Big sis’s undies

I just randomly got sucked into looking at photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s growing bump, then remembered that I had originally sat down to write a blog on elimination communication (EC)… oh to be a commoner 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Elimination Communication: Holding Power and Indignation

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Nom nom nom, surfboards taste good!

Nom nom nom, surfboards taste so good!

Potty talk never gets old… We’ve been having lots of EC fun over the past few weeks 🙂

Holding Power

I’m not sure when you stop calling it Elimination Communication (EC) or when it’s just a kid who has been potty trained… But, anyway, Margo has been out of diapers, day and night, since she was 14 months old, and I’ve been doing EC with her practically from day one.   Read the rest of this entry

Change of Real Estate: Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication

Yes! Those are our toothbrushes in the corner! Ewww… Don’t worry, they’re very much out of the line of fire!

Following yesterday’s post on vaccinations… phew… had a lot of really awesome responses, hope I didn’t get anyone’s undies up in a bunch!  Today, I’ll just talk about the usual: baby poo adventures.  Just what all the American’s want to read about while they’re digesting their Thanksgiving Dinners 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving by the way! Read the rest of this entry

First Sign of a Sign: Elimination Communication

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elimination communication

See, we do wear diapers… cloth ones, that is.

I would like for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to meet my seven week old. A couple years ago, I did a little research on the word ‘toilet training’, and I found this untrue statement on their site, Before children are 12 months of age, they have no control over bladder or bowel movements.’.  FOR REAL!?  NO CONTROL!?    Read the rest of this entry

Thanks to Nature’s Child, for Planting the EC Seed

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One of Margo’s first trips to the bucket. 11 days old, March 2010

This is not what you think… Nature’s Child is actually the name of an organic baby and children’s store in Byron Bay in Australia.  I was doing a little shopping around for cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Margo.  Art and I heard about this organic baby store in Byron Bay, and since we love going to Byron Bay (mostly to eat), we decided to stop by.  I must have been nearing the end of my pregnancy, maybe 36 weeks or more?  Of course, I went to 41 1/2 with Margo, but that’s another story…  Anyway, the lady working at the shop was in the middle of telling me all about the wide range of cloth diapers that were available when all of a sudden, she said, ‘Have you ever heard of nappy free’.   Read the rest of this entry