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Toilet Training is a First World Problem

Ain't nobody got time for diapers.

Ain’t nobody got time for diapers.

Let’s put this into perspective. The concept of the disposable diaper has only been widely in use for approximately .0003% of the entire existence of homo sapiens on the planet. In other words, only the past 50 odd years or so. Nearly 2/3 of the population of the modern world either don’t have access to or don’t have the money to spend on diapers. I’m not sure of the exact number, but most of the babies in the world do not wear diapers. Especially those babies in places like Africa, India and Asia. Read the rest of this entry

Undies and Pulling Up, Oh My! Elimination Communication and 8 1/2 months

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Big sis's undies

Big sis’s undies

I just randomly got sucked into looking at photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s growing bump, then remembered that I had originally sat down to write a blog on elimination communication (EC)… oh to be a commoner 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Thanks to Nature’s Child, for Planting the EC Seed

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One of Margo’s first trips to the bucket. 11 days old, March 2010

This is not what you think… Nature’s Child is actually the name of an organic baby and children’s store in Byron Bay in Australia.  I was doing a little shopping around for cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Margo.  Art and I heard about this organic baby store in Byron Bay, and since we love going to Byron Bay (mostly to eat), we decided to stop by.  I must have been nearing the end of my pregnancy, maybe 36 weeks or more?  Of course, I went to 41 1/2 with Margo, but that’s another story…  Anyway, the lady working at the shop was in the middle of telling me all about the wide range of cloth diapers that were available when all of a sudden, she said, ‘Have you ever heard of nappy free’.   Read the rest of this entry