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Just Because I’m Pregnant, Does Not Mean I Only Want to Wear Black!

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Only Wear Black Maternity Pants?

The Options are Staggering!

Maybe it’s that I live in Australia?  Or, maybe it’s that it’s winter?  Or, maybe it’s that my budget won’t allow me to buy anything I’m only going to wear for a few months, unless it’s from Kmart.  But, the bottom line is that almost 90% of maternity clothes that I see in the shops are black!  Sure, I have a few odd bits of black clothes in the closet.  If I were going to a funeral, I would seek out some black clothes.  If I were Emo or Goth (nothing against the Emos and Goths), I would certainly wear black.  If I were Darth Veder or the Grim Reaper, I would wear black. But, I’m pregnant!  I’m carrying a life!

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I’m Planning a Home Birth, Not a Trip to the Moon.

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Planning a Home Birth, Not a Trip to the Moon

Margo and the tummy at 34.5 weeks

‘You’re planning a home birth!?’ (Insert disapproving looks and unnerving comments). Anyone else been in the same boat?

At the time, everything about the birth of my daughter seemed fine. I had a great hospital water birth. No inducing, no pain killers. It was a very long labor, looking back, I’m surprised they let me deliver naturally. Read the rest of this entry

An Intro to Elimination Communication: Responding to Your Baby’s Elimination Needs

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Elimination Communication: Did you know there is an alternative to toilet training?

Margo on her potty at 3 1/2 months old.

Who on Earth would bother taking their newborn baby to a bucket every time the baby had to ‘eliminate’, or do a wee or poo?  Well, I did, and here’s the story of how it started.

Like so many parents-to-be, throughout my first pregnancy, I kept having this nagging feeling somewhere in the back of my mind: Was I really going to have to deal with dirty diapers and wiping a kid’s bottom until she was 3 or 4 years old?  How hard would toilet training be? Read the rest of this entry