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Getting Caught with Your Pants Down… In the Rain

Refuge from the rain!

Refuge from the rain!

Why does it always happen right as we’re crossing the street at the pedestrian cross walks?  All the cars are stopped and we’re walking and Margo drops her doll, or trips, or her shoe falls off, or I drop Goldie’s hat.  Talk about performance anxiety!  Well, today’s cross walk conundrum took the cake! Read the rest of this entry

What’s With the Plastic Bag Shirt?

ArtBaltrotskyImage 2012-12-22 (1)

Why is she wearing a plastic bag?’, the girl working at the gelato place asked about Margo.  I started to tell her and then I just said, ‘It’s a long story…‘. Read the rest of this entry

An Old Fashioned Meet and Greet Confirms: My House Looks Like a Preschool!

Toddler Arts and Crafts

See… my house DOES look like a preschool!

Who, these days, actually gets to know their neighbors? I heard through the grapevine that there was a couple upstairs who had a baby and I kept seeing a lady pushing a stroller around, but I wasn’t sure if it was her. In my head, I thought, oh cool, one day I’ll make some cookies, and go introduce myself, all old fashioned like. But, I kept making excuses: pregnant can’t walk upstairs, toddler is cranky, I haven’t washed my hair in days, only baked half a batch of cookies, etc. Read the rest of this entry