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When Devastating Catastrophes Hit… How Dare I Post Pics of My Dinner?


Vegan Vegetable tempura

I made this awesome dinner tonight.  It was a family creation. The little one was wrapped on my back and we made the vegan vegetable tempura.  My older daughter, Margo, and my husband made the avocado sushi.  I took some photos.  We ate.  We got stuffed.  We said, “Mmmmm, wasn’t that yummy?”  And we said, “Ohhhh, that came out so good.” I took the little one for a walk after dinner.  We watched a thunderstorm over the ocean.  Margo didn’t feel like walking, so she stayed home with my husband and they read books.  We came home.  We took showers.  Kids had boobies.  I laid down with them in bed and they fell asleep.  And, I, desperate for just a few moments of quietness, peeled myself out of bed before I succumbed to the sleep bomb, plopped myself down in front of the computer, and started to read about what’s been going on outside of my own four walls. Read the rest of this entry